Great Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas

Kids are considered a blessing to a family. However, accommodating kids of two years and above could be a challenge. At this age, they need to have rooms where they learn to do things on their own. One of the most crucial things about kids’ rooms is how you make them habitable for the kids.

Decoration ideas for kids’ rooms

Kids’ rooms should be decorated to be comfortable and enjoyable for the kids. Here are some decorating ideas you might consider.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is essential when decorating kids’ rooms. Whether it’s a boy or girl, keeping their room simple leaves more space for play. Simple decorations are easy to change and upgrade as the kids’ grow.

Focus on play

Decorating your little ones’ room with love means you are considerate of their playtime. You can focus on creating an environment that encourages your kids to play whenever they are indoor. You can achieve this by setting up their favourite toys and games at strategic positions within the room.

Have sufficient storage

Unlike adults, kids have a lot of stuff to store. These could be their toys, books, and even clothes for their fast-growing sizes. Having sufficient storage helps in decluttering the rooms to create playing space.

Play with colours

Colours are important to kids as they enhance their cognitive skills. While decorating your kids’ rooms, you should balance the colours properly to create a conducive environment. You can incorporate theme colours of their favourite superhero films to create a sense of ownership.


Modern Interior Design with Sustainable Materials

The term sustainability is now coming up in many forums with individuals looking to execute tasks and work without causing harm to the environment. The same applies to interior design, where designers are looking to achieve sophisticated, modern, and contemporary aesthetics using sustainable materials. These are eco-friendly alternatives to other materials with great durability and affordability, giving new life to spaces. Tylko’s guide on sustainable materials provides a few insights into this, but here are several top choices.

Real Plants

Artificial plants are quite popular as they bring a sense of nature to a home with no maintenance required. However, they are primarily made of non-biodegradable plastics, which are among the highest-ranking pollutants to the environment. Real plants are a great substitute, bringing a fresh ambiance and natural element to your home or office. Care for plants is one of the best ways to care for the environment.


It is a special kind of surface made from dry organic materials such as coffee, seeds, plants, and flowers. It poses no harm to the environment and provides a long-lasting solution for wall panels or part of furniture pieces. The best thing about them is incorporating scent into the board surface, making it smell like the product it is made from, for example, coffee. The appearance is beautiful and unique, yet the material is purposeful and sustainable.

Smile Plastics

Smile plastics use all kinds of waste plastic and recycles it into panels used in architecture and design. These panels are arranged by hand before being pressed and consolidated by machines making each panel different and striking to the eye. These panels make wonderful pieces in homes, offices, hospitals, auditoriums, and more while conserving the environment by using 100% recycled waste.


Seagrass makes great accent pieces, and an element of seagrass on any item instantly works some magic to space. From unique rugs to storage baskets, it makes a room feel chic without doing too much. It is also incorporated into furniture pieces, a good example of seagrass chairs that make good accent living room pieces. Seagrass is easily accessible from coastal waters posing no harm to environmental balance.

Travertine, Granite, and Marble

Anything that occurs naturally from nature is usually beautiful and authentic. These unique rocks are no exception and are famous for bathroom interiors, kitchen countertops, and more. With unique patterns and colours, they transform space significantly and provide a one-off solution for backsplashes, floors, countertops, and more.


Perfect vinyl storage solutions you should know about

Managing the small storage issues in your small flat may be over, but finding a perfect storage unit for your vinyl collection that never stops growing may lead you to a long and arduous search. Maybe you’re a big record nerd always shopping for new music every week and hunting for vinyl on your travels.

Sturdy baskets

Baskets are perfect storage units for vinyl records. There are designer baskets that come in various colours to match your room décor and are quite roomy, so you store a much more extensive collection in one. Make sure you buy a basket that is at least 10” deep, so your vinyl is stable and doesn’t fall off. Remember to keep it standing upright, so you’re able to see what’s inside the basket.

Drawer carts

Drawer carts have been in use as craft vinyl storage pieces for the longest time. Keep the smaller sheets flat and roll up the large vinyl sheets and keep them in the drawers sorted according to their colour and type. Place your adhesive vinyl in the top drawers and heat transfer vinyl in the bottom drawers.

The hanging shoe organizer

Your hanging shoe organizer can also serve as a perfect craft vinyl storage option. It mainly comes in handy if you’re working with limited space in your craft room. You can then pop it over your room or closet door.

Blanket boxes

Besides providing charming storage for your bed-sheets and other bedding, blanket boxes can double up as vinyl storage units. Although primarily meant for your bed’s foot, blanket boxes make a coherent addition in any room. You can opt for modern or rustic pieces that are stylish and practical to make your room 10x cosier. Just like record storage crates, blanket boxes will let you store your records in an upright position to maintain the mint condition expected with vinyls.

Play with colours and contrast

Vinyls come with a distinct appearance, and it’s never easy to brush off the aesthetic value of vinyl records, never mind the contrast that comes with them. Contrast isn’t straightforward with black and white, but it’s easily created through contrasting colours, shapes, patterns, and textures. Therefore, choose bright vinyl covers to contrast pale and subtle rooms.

Incorporating vinyls into a living space isn’t as straightforward as it seems. However, it’s all about being creative and working with what you have.

As your collection grows, a customizable vinyl storage piece from Tylko might help keep it in check.