Perfect vinyl storage solutions you should know about

Managing the small storage issues in your small flat may be over, but finding a perfect storage unit for your vinyl collection that never stops growing may lead you to a long and arduous search. Maybe you’re a big record nerd always shopping for new music every week and hunting for vinyl on your travels.

Sturdy baskets

Baskets are perfect storage units for vinyl records. There are designer baskets that come in various colours to match your room décor and are quite roomy, so you store a much more extensive collection in one. Make sure you buy a basket that is at least 10” deep, so your vinyl is stable and doesn’t fall off. Remember to keep it standing upright, so you’re able to see what’s inside the basket.

Drawer carts

Drawer carts have been in use as craft vinyl storage pieces for the longest time. Keep the smaller sheets flat and roll up the large vinyl sheets and keep them in the drawers sorted according to their colour and type. Place your adhesive vinyl in the top drawers and heat transfer vinyl in the bottom drawers.

The hanging shoe organizer

Your hanging shoe organizer can also serve as a perfect craft vinyl storage option. It mainly comes in handy if you’re working with limited space in your craft room. You can then pop it over your room or closet door.

Blanket boxes

Besides providing charming storage for your bed-sheets and other bedding, blanket boxes can double up as vinyl storage units. Although primarily meant for your bed’s foot, blanket boxes make a coherent addition in any room. You can opt for modern or rustic pieces that are stylish and practical to make your room 10x cosier. Just like record storage crates, blanket boxes will let you store your records in an upright position to maintain the mint condition expected with vinyls.

Play with colours and contrast

Vinyls come with a distinct appearance, and it’s never easy to brush off the aesthetic value of vinyl records, never mind the contrast that comes with them. Contrast isn’t straightforward with black and white, but it’s easily created through contrasting colours, shapes, patterns, and textures. Therefore, choose bright vinyl covers to contrast pale and subtle rooms.

Incorporating vinyls into a living space isn’t as straightforward as it seems. However, it’s all about being creative and working with what you have.

As your collection grows, a customizable vinyl storage piece from Tylko might help keep it in check.